Coronavirus – Update

The clinic is currently closed during the Coronavirus outbreak.


We would like to advise all customers and travellers to check with NaTHNac and FCO for travel information regularly – the advise is updated on a daily basis and so frequent checks are prudent.

Our specialist, experienced travel nurses provide up to date advice on vaccinations and necessary precautions for ensuring that you maintain your health while travelling abroad.



If you know which vaccination(s) you need you can simply make an appointment with us to have them.

If you need to discuss your vaccination requirements please book an appointment for a travel consultation with one of our travel nurses. Whilst we may be able to answer some simple questions via e-mail we are not able to give on-line travel consultations. Our receptionists are not able to give travel health advice but will be happy to book you an appointment with one of our travel nurses for a travel consultation.

Useful things to know

Some injections need to be taken some weeks in advance of travelling so please get advice as soon as possible.

If you have details of previous vaccinations, or you can obtain them from your GP, and bring them to your consultation it is really helpful, and may save you money.

For initial basic country by country guide advice on travel heath visit but please be advised that this is no substitute for contacting a health care professional, such as your GP or ourselves, who will have access to the most up to date information.