Get all the relevant vaccinations/immunisations for the destinations you’re visiting and learn what health precautions you should follow.

Scan/email all your major documents

Scan your travel documents, passport, visas, insurance etc. and email them to yourself, that way you will always have a copy to access if they are lost.

Take out good travel insurance

This is mainly for health costs if you get ill or injured whilst abroad.

But also covers you for lost items or if you are mugged, give over your valuables. Just do it and walk away uninjured.

Don’t trust strangers or give to beggars

It’s hard to get to know the locals if you don’t trust them, but there are limits to how much you should trust them when it comes to your personal safety, money and consuming their food and drink.

Be aware that lots of locals run scams and beggars work in groups, if you give to one you could attract a crowd!

Don’t pat stray cats and dogs.

You may be missing your pets at home, but stray animals may be carrying rabies and other fun infections (and big teeth). You should also not feed monkeys, or other animals for the same reason.

Look after your Money.

Be wary of using your credit card details at internet cafes.

separate your cards and cash into several places or bags, just in case one gets stolen.

Avoid pick pockets, keep your wallet in front pockets that fasten tight or money belts.

Pack Sensibly.

See our packing check list and packing tips for different types of travel.