At jabs Travel Clinic we can offer a comprehensive and competitive support service to your school, pupils and parents when school trips and expeditions are planned, including:

  • Pre-trip/expedition information for the staff organising the event to ensure they include essential up-to-date health information about the destination.
  • Support towards the trip planning, attending pre-trip talks to pupils and parents, highlighting health issues and needs specifically related to the place of travel.
  • Bespoke individual travel assessments with parental consent highlighting the pupil’s travel health needs, required vaccinations, malarial prophylaxis and safe travel advice.
  • Pre-arranged visit to the school to run a ‘travel health clinic’ ensuring the pupils and staff receive their vaccines and treatment in a timely manner on site.
  • Competitive prices and packages available with the added convenience of not having to source or book out of school.
  • Provision of all documents and certificates in line with international travel, with consented copies sent to their General Practitioner to update NHS records.
  • A donation from jabs Travel Clinic Ltd to any charity linked to the school trip where vaccinations are supplied.

If you have any school travel planned and need our support please contact us directly via the address, email, website or telephone.