What vaccinations do I need?

A good place to start is the destinations you will be visiting. Click on the places you’re planning to visit  on the map below to find out what are the recommended vaccines for those areas are.

[imagemap id=”1301″]

What now?

If you’re then sure what you need then simply book an appointment for your vaccination(s).

If you aren’t sure and you have a simple enquiry please feel free to email us on enquiries@jabstravelclinic.co.uk . We can answer simple questions by e-mail but we are unable to give travel consultations by e-mail or telephone so if your question is complicated or specific to you then we recommend that you book an appointment – better safe than sorry. The travel nurse you see will be able to advise you on necessary vaccinations, vaccinate you (or start a course of vaccinations if required) and provide advice about protecting your health while abroad.

Please remember that some vaccinations or courses of vaccinations need to be taken several weeks in advance of your planned date of travel so please make your appointment as soon as possible.

If you have records of any vaccinations you have had to date, or can obtain these from your GP, please bring them along to your consultation. If you have incomplete records or no records at all this is not a problem we can still provide vaccinations but it having your records will avoid unnecessary duplication.