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Corporate travel is a huge part of business today and people travel all over the world to attend meetings, conferences and to visit foreign offices and clients.

Don’t forget your health; your busy lifestyle sometimes leads you to forget that the destination you are visiting may have potential health risks that you can easily protect against with vaccines and medication.

So, before you book your next meeting in Mumbai, Accra, Taiwan or any other destination, check with jabs Travel Clinic and we can advise you about the health risks you face and what to do to protect yourself, avoiding overseas hospital visits and rejected insurance claims.

Remember, vaccines provide long term protection and if you travel frequently to diverse places then you will be protected for many journeys.

jabs Travel Clinic will be able to provide a full travel advisory service to your business, offering full travel assessment for each employee and management of vaccination programme required, covering even last minute travel.

Employee invoices can be consolidated for a corporate account invoice if a group are travelling together.